See All 30 National Basketball Association x Nike 'Statement' Jerseys

Cleveland Cavaliers Alternate Goodyear Jersey

With Nike taking over as the NBA's jersey producer this season, each team unveiled a new alternate "Statement" jersey at a ceremony Friday in Los Angeles.

The Statement Edition jersey is inspired by teams' desire to "make a bold statement the moment they step on the court".

Teams like Boston, Chicago and Cleveland will wear black uniforms with team-specific details to show strength and power.

The smart jerseys will also provide Nike with more pointed information as to who is buying what jersey as well as where they're checking in from. It will be interesting to see what style changes teams go through during the next few years.

In addition to the jerseys, the players also debuted a new hoody warmup jacket as well.

While connecting fans to real-time data about their favorite players is a great way for Nike to deliver content to customers, the real value for Nike in this program is an expansion of their business analytics. Additionally, other exclusive offers and experiences will be unveiled throughout the season. On that app, which will be available to owners of an iPhone 7 or an Android device with NFC capability, fans will be able to watch highlights of the player whose jersey they own as well as receive shoe deals.

While the statement jerseys had previously leaked through National Basketball Association 2K, heres the official look at all 30 National Basketball Association teams...