Scores Scale Mount Everest after Weather Improves

Mount Everest in middle altitude 8,848 meters, is seen on the way to base camp. High winds have delayed dozens of climbers trying to reach the summit of Mount Everest a mountaineer official said We

In an interview with AFP in March, Sherpa said she meant to summit Everest twice this season, although Nujoom was unable to confirm whether she still planned a second bid before weather conditions worsen by the end of the month.

The daughter of a yak herder, 43-year-old Lhakpa Sherpa worked as a porter and kitchen hand on trekking and mountaineering expeditions when she was young, before becoming a climber herself.

She has broken her own record for the most summits of the world's highest mountain by a woman, Shrestha said.

More than 150 climbers have scaled Mount Everest on a crowded day on top of the world's highest peak because of improved weather conditions, an official in Nepal said on Thursday.

More than 330 people climbed Everest from the Nepalese side this month. She was born in Nepal and took up mountaineering as a profession like most Sherpas in the region.

He had first reached the summit of the world's highest peak at 8,848 metres on May 25, 2012 and the second time on May 19, 2013.

As various agencies gradually moved their mountaineers down, the Indian Army team was among the last to leave Everest Base Camp, an official said. The officer had also made an attempt to scale the peak in 2014, Goswami said.

Maya was the only female Nepali mountain guide who obtained permit from the Department of Tourism to attempt to climb the Mt Everest this season, Sapkota added.

Twenty-two worldwide climbers and local sherpas, who got struck at the Everest base camp by an avalanche past year, were killed.

This is the same team that was at the Everest Base Camp when an natural disaster of 7.9 magnitude struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, causing widespread destruction and triggering massive avalanches on Everest.