Samsung Shows Off Its Foldable Smartphone with 'Infinity Flex Display'

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Samsung has unveiled its much-anticipated folding phone at its developers conference in San Francisco.

Samsung's 5G capability is said to be powered by its new proprietary 7nm Exynos 9820 AI chip, revealed to be codenamed Cheetah by leaker Ice Universe. On stage, Samsung senior vice president Justin Denison said the company's new folding device will be pocketable, though until we get a full view of that device in the flesh, it's hard to say for sure how accurate that claim is.

The South Korean giant Samsung has been increasing the hype over its foldable smartphone in recent months.

You'd have to wait until early next year, most likely at the CES expo in Las Vegas to take a good look at a finished device with Infinity Flex, and pricing is still up in the air, but the bendy screens will be in mass production "in the coming months".

Android VP of Engineering Dave Burke said: "You can think of the device as both a phone and a tablet". The company's prototype device also has a screen on one of its outer faces for use when the full-size internal display isn't needed or practical. But as of right now, those enhancements are mostly just guidance for developers to start using already-existing features that are built into Android.

While holographic displays might be a bridge too far, we fully expect to see some of these features crop up on the S10, which is slated to appear in early 2019.

However, although the phone itself was rumoured to be called the Galaxy X, Samsung did not officially reveal its name. When folded in half, a second screen on the outside means it can operate like a pocket-friendly smartphone.

A hot potato: Samsung's new Infinity Flex Display represents the next milestone in the evolution of mobile display technology.

And a recent post of social media has added fuel to the fire with an image of a folded Samsung logo being pushed out on Samsung's Facebook and Twitter channels.

There's also a number of other design changes that seem to be in effect, such as a greater emphasis on rounded elements and a new system-wide dark mode for a better viewing experience in darker environments or late at night, as well as a number of redesigned icons in general. They officially announced support for a category of Android devices it's made a decision to call "Foldables".

Samsung painted the foldable device as the next evolution for smartphones, and several companies are working on their own versions. The smartphone-tablet hybrid was first unveiled to journalists at an event in San Francisco, Monday, November 5, United States time (Tuesday, November 6, Philippine time).