Samsung releasing Galaxy S10/S10+ patch to improve fingerprint scanner performance

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One of the major pain points of our review of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus was the in-display fingerprint sensor. And as if this was not enough, users report they had to reboot the device multiple times in order to re-establish Internet connectivity once 5G network signal is gone.

Samsung also discussed some of the features and specifications of the two phones in its news release, highlighting the Galaxy Fold's 7.6-inch main display.

Samsung and Apple are fierce rivals, responsible for some of the world's most anticipated smartphones. Since then, the company has released the same update for the Galaxy A30, Note 9, and the Galaxy S9 series as well.

It doesn't appear that Samsung is pushing the update out simultaneously to all S10 and S10 Plus devices, which means you'll have to wait for the update to pushed to you when Samsung decides it's ready. That's tough to say: many users on Reddit who have received the patch seem to think it does, but there's always the concern of "the placebo effect" with these kinds of things. From what we've heard, the Samsung Galaxy S10 scanner has been a hit and miss proposition with a certain section of users being very pleased with it while others completely annoyed by its unreliability. It's unclear if the sensor is actually any better, but at least Samsung is trying.