Samsung Galaxy S9 goes through some serious burn, scratch and bend tests

Shot taken in day light

SamMobile reports that the S9 March update, which will be coming to both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus is already available in Germany and will be rolling out to other countries over the next few days. With respect to the larger Galaxy S9 Plus in particular, 6GB of RAM is now standard, and the phone also comes with a dual-camera setup akin to that featured on the Galaxy Note 8, but with some new tricks in tow.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched in the last week of February, at MWC. The new Galaxy S9 duo is the iterative version of last year's Galaxy S8 duo with some minor improvements.

Now we have some new information about an upcoming smartphone.

The 64GB Galaxy S9 will sell for 27,900 baht. The planning looks quite interesting and they should achieve their goal as people are now switching to premium smartphones rather than sticking to the mid-range devices.

Several Samsung smartphone models have already been employed as part of the hyper-connectivity function trend since previous year, said Mr Wichai.

Earlier today, we reported that the company was pushing out the March security patch update to it's flagship devices.

Samsung is running a variety of promotional offers in various regions around the world. And, lastly, the Galaxy S9 passed with flying colours in the final bend test, with high tolerance on front and back flexes, courtesy the phone's upgraded aluminium frame. This might help the giant to fulfill their goal of selling 43 Million units of Galaxy S9 phones by the end of this year.