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Russian Federation fires 7 cruise missiles at IS in Syria

2 Russian submarines fire cruise missiles from Mediterranean hitting ISIS targets in Syria

The Defense Ministry said the Kalibr cruise missiles were launched from two submarines in the Mediterranean on Thursday. "Seven cruise missiles were launched from the surface position".

Since 2015, much to the West's dislike, Russian Federation has provided military backing for Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces.

"The strikes targeted control posts, communication centers as well as ammo and munitions storages in the ISIS controlled areas to the south-east from Deir ez-Zor", the agency said. The ministry said all the targets were destroyed.

The country has repeatedly fired salvos of such missiles, from both the sea and mainland Russian Federation.

Syrian government forces broke a three-year Isis siege on parts of the provincial capital last week, and are now battling the extremists inside the city.

As IS continues to lose ground in Syria and Iraq, the extremists recently released a video encouraging fighters to join a campaign in the Philippines near the city of Marawi.

Meanwhile, U.S. -backed Syrian forces are advancing in the surrounding province from the east and north.

The U.S-led coalition struck the road the convoy was traveling on, leaving it stranded in the desert for about two weeks, though some vehicles were able to slip into militant-held territory. On Thursday, a captive Hezbollah fighter was released.

Last week the Syrian Arab Army fought its way to the outskirts of the city, breaking a three-year siege by ISIS. The U.S. said it did not strike the convoy itself because of the presence of civilians.