Rumor: Nintendo working on SNES Mini

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The official name of the device will probably be Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System and it will be released sometime later this year, in time for Christmas. Though, if the report is true, you'll have to wait until the holidays.

When Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition console in late 2016 - a miniature version of the NES with 30 classic games built in, with a $60 price tag - people bought it in droves. During the interview, Nintendo stated that the Mini NES was never meant to be a permanent product, which doesn't come to a surprise with Nintendo's marketing strategy to drive sales.

Nintendo's seemingly boneheaded move in killing off production of the NES Classic Edition is starting to make a little bit more sense.

The SNES mini will reportedly come with a library of games pre-installed, along with a plug-and-play setup similar to its predecessor, the NES Classic.

If Nintendo doesn't screw this up, they could look like they know what their fans want with this possible micro console. Hopefully, the SNES mini will contain a great deal more.

While few details outside of a possible release date window were given, the reported Mini SNES console should make gamers of all ages very excited. Presumably, it would be tiny like the NES Classic Edition - a smaller, near-identical version of the original hardware. Nintendo Switch's are still hard to find in some places, so that doesn't get our hopes up. It will be expected the same with the SNES Classic Edition, which would also be just a special edition for retro fanatics. Do you think discontinuing the NES Classic Edition in order to focus on an SNES Classic Edition is a good decision?

The Zelda franchise is "a system seller", a game so appealing that users will buy the hardware in order to play it, said Serkan Toto, a Tokyo-based game industry analyst.