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Roy Moore releases statement denying sexual encounter allegations

Roy Moore releases statement denying sexual encounter allegations

"If these allegations are true, he must step aside", McConnell said in a formal statement on behalf of all Republican senators. Several other Republicans, including Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, and Utah Senator Mike Lee, all of whom endorsed Moore, echoed that sentiment. "You can not tell me there hasn't been an opportunity through the years to make these accusations with as many times as he's (Moore) run (for office) and been in the news".

Mr. Mowery cited Moore's overwhelming popularity with Alabama's Republican voters, who he said would tend to distrust allegations published in the Post. "Moore is unfit for office and should step aside", Mr. Romney, a former Republican presidential nominee and MA governor, tweeted. "I will NEVER GIVE UP the fight!" Moore also emailed a fundraising pitch off the revelations. Alabama's secretary of state confirmed Wednesday to CBS News that it is too late to change the ballot. However, in the event of either disqualification or withdrawal, votes cast for Moore would not be certified. The general election will be December 12. (The seat is now filled by Luther Strange, who was appointed interim senator after Jeff Sessions was picked to be President Trump's attorney general.) Seven senators sit in the immediate vicinity, either in front, behind, or directly next to the seat.

Bannon referenced Moore only briefly during an appearance Thursday night in New Hampshire, attacking The Washington Post as an "apparatus of the Democratic Party".

Samuel Givhan, the senior vice chairman of the state party, described The Washington Post story as "allegations from somebody who has been silent for over 40 years" who was speaking out just weeks before an election.

In the immediate aftermath of the Post report Thursday, a wave of national Republican leaders called for Moore to drop out of the race if the allegations are true.

Many Alabama Republicans, like Jim Ziegler, have defended Moore.

Some prominent Republicans are calling on Moore to leave the race, but he does have his defenders, in addition to Zeigler.

Roy Moore's brother reportedly defended him against allegations of sexual conduct with a minor, comparing the situation to the persecution of Jesus Christ, according to CNN. "There is no place in our party for sexual predators". But I will have something to say about that. "I don't know what he's going to do, but we'll see what develops". All four women spoke on the record to the Post.

On Thursday evening, Hannity was on a radio show discussing the Post report. The newspaper interviewed more than 20 people who knew Moore between 1977 and 1982 before publishing its findings. Wendy Miller says she was 14 and working as a Santa's helper at the Gadsden Mall when Moore first approached her, and 16 when he asked her on dates, which her mother forbade.

"Herman Cain's going up in the polls, then the day he gets out - nothing", said Hannity, referring to a wave of 2011 sexual harassment relevations that sunk the Republican businessman's presdental bid. Moments later, odd came to the floor and headed straight for McConnell.

He walked toward the back door of the Senate Chamber, paused momentarily and stepped out.

"Moore has campaigned as a Christian nationalist, frequently touting his faith and conservative social positions".

Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist who backed Moore's candidacy, condemned the Washington Post as part of the "opposition party" after it made the allegations public. Men like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are ruined; a man like Moore can be elected to the U.S. Senate. "They are two of the biggest goobers we have in Washington D.C.", Henry said.