Ronda Rousey knocked out in second round

Holly Holm stuns Ronda Rousey with 2nd-round knockout story image

After her unexpected win over UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, the new champ Holly Holm agreed with UFC President Dana White to hold a rematch. As the opening minute came to a close, a straight left rocked Rousey, and as the Californian staggered, Holm cracked her with a flush left kick to the head.

Holly Holm has caused what has been described as the biggest upset in UFC history by knocking out reigning bantamweight title holder Ronda Rousey early in the second round at Etihad Stadium. The Main Fight Card for UFC 193 can be seen below, and the main card has a start time of 10 p.m. ET, with the Rousey fight set to take place around midnight.

When the UFC 193 was announced sometimes ago and it was said that Holm will be pitted against Ronda Rousey, people jeered.

Speaking at a UFC watch party at the Sapphire gentleman's club in Las Vegas, Tate said she was "f*cking stoked" by Holm's head kick KO. For me it's better to embrace the role of the heel and chase after being disliked. "I have to say, everything we worked on presented itself in the fight".

Holm is someone with a lot more fight experience than most opponents Rousey has faced in the past. Before referee Herb Dean can move in, Holm rapidly rushed the fallen Rousey and delivered the finishing touches, forcing Dean to wave off the short fight. Holm ducked a wild Rousey swing, which left the champion on the ground.

Rousey lasted under two rounds.


Rousey went into the bout as the most feared female prizefighter on the planet with a series of dynamic knockout victories that earned her comparisons to Mike Tyson's rise in heavyweight boxing during the 1980s. Holm, who's been training with Jackson-Winklejohn for 16 years, made Rousey pay. Ronda did manage to get the fight to the mat, but couldn't latch onto her patented armbar.