Richard Simmons hospitalized in California, battling severe indigestion


Richard Simmons is on the mend after being hospitalized in California on Monday for "severe indigestion".

Catalano told ABC News on April 6 that Simmons pursued the deal.

Fitness guru Richard Simmons has been hospitalized.

Simmons was driven to the hospital and did not need an ambulance, TMZ reported.

"Missing Richard Simmons", which was developed by U.S. filmmaker Dan Taberski, was released three years after the fitness personality's disappearance. Simmons himself responded to the persistent rumors in March 2016, saying in a phone call to NBC's "Today", "No one is holding me in my house as a hostage".

Simmons, 68, recently became the subject of widespread discussion following the release of a podcast investigating his sudden and unexplained retreat from the public eye.

'Everything he stands for has been the gold standard in health and wellness.

The interest surrounding Simmons' disappearance resulted in the star gracing the cover of a recent issue of People magazine, with the story delving into his whereabouts, though Simmons declined to participate in the story.

'Telling his story was a huge part of the podcast, ' said Taberski, who has never appeared to show anything other than a genuine concern for Simmons and desire to see him again. If I had even the smallest part in reminding people of that, fantastic'.

The site says Simmons' rep confirmed the news and said he is doing much better already and is expected to fully recover.