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Retired navy officer charged with kidnapping Ashanti Billie

Retired navy officer charged with kidnapping Ashanti Billie

He faces a single federal kidnapping charge.

The teenager had moved to Virginia Beach just a month prior to her disappearance to attend school, WAVY reported. Police fingerprinted the auto and found a partial print, which was consistent with the vehicle having been wiped clean of fingerprints, court documents state.

Billie's body was discovered on September 29 in Charlotte, N.C., where a caller told police he or she had found what appeared to be a deceased person behind a church, police said.

According to court documents, Brown, who spent 21 years in the Navy, worked as a day laborer and participated in the construction of the Blimpie this past summer. He had access to area bases, and investigators believe he is homeless and lived - at least partially - on the Navy bases.

Billie's coworkers told officials that Brown visited the Blimpie's nearly every day, and that he was often seen in neighboring buildings, including a 24-hour laundromat next door. Witnesses said Brown tried to flirt with the victim several times, with one recalling a crude sexual comment by Brown.

In a statement, Billie's family thanked "the FBI, Virginia Beach and Norfolk Police Departments and NCIS for their attention and investigations regarding their daughter". The auto could later be seen leaving the facility, though it was unclear who was behind the wheel. Video from a separate gate appeared to show a different person driving the vehicle off the base.

Around 5:45 a.m., a man wearing light-colored clothing was seen on resident surveillance footage throwing a cellphone into a dumpster near the corner of Tallyho Terrace and Azalea Garden Road in Norfolk.

Billie's cellphone was found in a dumpster hours after she disappeared and her vehicle was found in a nearby street five days later. The trousers had dirt on them, leading investigators to believe they were taken off of her while she was lying on the ground, court document state. The vehicle, too, was covered in dirt and vegetative debris reflective of being driven off-road.

An arrest has been made in the abduction of 19-year-old college student Ashanti Billie.

A criminal complaint says Billie's body was found a few hundred yards from Brown's childhood home.

Prosecutors also cite cell phone usage and records. Investigators say they tested her body for DNA, finding two samples that matched Brown, court documents state.