Reddit to ban exactly half of the ‘ThanosDidNothingWrong’ community

Credit Marvel Studios

It might have been a silly Reddit event and a slice of real fun on the internet, but the Thanos fan culling has actually gotten the attention of the Avengers: Infinity War villain himself.

Fortunately, those who do receive (and adhere to) the ban can visit either r/SouldWorld or r/InTheSoulStone with others who are also lucky enough to be saved, riffing on the theory that the casualties of Thanos' snap in Infinity War aren't dead per se, but doomed to languish inside the Soul Stone itself.

The subreddit r/thanosdidnothingwrong (firstly, wow, not cool) is now home to 625,584 users, but half will be banned with a click of a mouse button. From there, one of the moderators suggested they should voluntarily purge half of their own members to honor Thanos' wishes and it would be "perfectly balanced, as all things should be". The Joe Russo Reddit account added a selfie-video from Thanos actor Josh Brolin's Instagram to the thread making the upcoming cull official. Word of the subreddit's plans first broke back on July 4, when the moderators of the subreddit revealed plans to ban 50 percent of those subscribed to the subreddit. This new subreddit already has more than 24 thousand members, but that figure should increase as the day goes on.

Topless, from the comfort of a bed, and with pristine looking hair, Brolin recorded a short message for the subreddit in which he stares directly into the camera and then executes his notorious finger snap-the same gut-wrenching finger snap that tore the Marvel Cinematic Universe asunder a few months ago.

"You built up the hype for the last 9 days and now you have been teasing the ban ALL DAY and people are starting to lose interest and you say you didn't know it would be a huge deal?" said one user. Where Thanos sacrificed Gamora, his favorite daughter, The-Jedi-Apprentice will themselves be banned.

Luckily, the ban finally happened, and all was right in the universe.