Rachel Bache: Pokemon Go is ruining my phone battery - and my life

Pokémon Go

With the safety concerns surrounding the game and other controversies already plaguing Pokemon GO's reputation, being sponsored by McDonald's may cause some additional headaches for Niantic's PR team, but it's doubtful that sponsored locations will cause anyone to stop playing the game.

Pokemon Go is a massive drain on phone batteries- when I'm playing, it's not unusual for me to eat 30% of my battery on a decent walk around my neighborhood. This certainly states the impact that the game has had on the mobile gaming sphere.

As The Verge noted, a commenter on the site's 2014 story about the April Fools' prank thought Nintendo and Niantic should team up and combine the former's intellectual property (Pokemon) with the latter's real-world augmentation platform (Ingress).

Here are monster-hunting basics for those interested in trying Pokemon Go. However, the gym bugs are inhibiting a lot of players from doing that.

Players win by controlling gyms and collecting Pokemon.

In Pokemon Go, I have seen some inconsistency between my friend's Android device and my own iOS device (the apps were updating at different times and registering different catchable Pokemon at different speeds).

Visit often enough - and they recharge in a matter of minutes, usually - and you should never run out of Pokeballs.

- Spin image to obtain supplies such as balls for capturing monsters. From level 5, you can battle as the Gyms, and as you gain more experience, you'll have access not just to Gyms but higher quality PokeBalls, and items that can augment your Pokemon. Certain Pokemon are likely to appear in certain places - water Pokemon, for example, tend to hang out near lakes and rivers.

- Hold finger on Pokeball at bottom of smartphone screen. When there are no footsteps below a Pokemon, get your flinging finger ready because it's right next to you.

- Hit target to capture Pokemon. Compared to older games, a lot has changed in Pokemon Go.

Meanwhile in Des Moines, a gym is assigned to a water tower stationed outside a nearby mall.

- Chose to join the red, blue or yellow team.

You can also use candy to evolve your Pokemon into more mature (and stronger) forms - think of it as moving from baby to adolescent to adult.