Raccoon scales St. Paul office tower, captivating public

Raccoon scales St. Paul office tower, captivating public

"After a delicious meal of soft cat food, #mprraccoon has been caught and will be picked up by Wildlife Management", the UBS Plaza tweeted.

According to, people also gathered on the street Tuesday to watch the raccoon and the efforts to help it.

"It's definitely a healthy raccoon".

Onlookers and reporters tracked the critter's progress as it scaled the 25-storey UBS Tower, reaching, by late afternoon, a ledge on the 23rd floor, where it appeared to take a break.

Atop the building animal control officers put pungent cat food in traps, the St. Paul Pioneer-Press reported.

As the animal reached the roof of a 23-storey building in Minnesota, those tracking the hashtag #MPRraccoon on Twitter let out a collective sigh of relief.

Among those riveted was Suzanne MacDonald, a raccoon behavior expert at York University in Toronto.

Brickley said the raccoon would likely move during the night when attention faded. Here's a picture from an office worker in the 13th floor, showing the little guy still steadily climbing.

Frost and others tried to save the raccoon, but the first attempt didn't work out too well, as the raccoon made a decision to climb higher.

The building's windows don't open, so assistance won't be easy.

One Twitter post said that the celebrity raccoon has succeeded in uniting the country the way no politician could. It safely climbed down on its own.

A raccoon scaling a Minnesota skyscraper may be the most popular thing on the internet right now and it's putting many people in a Marvel state of mind - complete with Rocket Raccoon jokes. I'm not sure that was true.

"I was talking to a wildlife expert yesterday who said there might be a dozen or two dozen of these raccoons in every square mile here in Minnesota - they're everywhere".