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Pulwama Attack: Pakistan rebuffs Indian media reports of rejecting dossier

Pulwama Attack: Pakistan rebuffs Indian media reports of rejecting dossier

Actually, terrorist groups and individuals continue their activities without hindrance.

They are released once the situation becomes normal, the official said. The JeM had taken the responsibility of the attack in the view of which tensions between India and Pakistan flared up. He also said that Pakistan is still in a state of denial.

Asserting that India has the right to self-defence, the official told reporters that New Delhi by successfully carrying out strikes inside Pakistan "has been able to call the Pakistani bluff" on the nuclear front.

Despite a 2003 ceasefire in Kashmir between India and Pakistan - which have fought two wars and a minor conflict over the region - the two countries have repeatedly clashed along the LOC, and those incidents continue.

In the aerial combat, India had lost the MiG-21 Bison aircraft and its pilot Wing Commander Varthaman was captured by Pakistan.

It also said evidence on the use of F-16 fighter jets by Pakistan is there in the form of parts of AMRAAM missile recovered from the site, which is carried only by F-16 aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force.

This increased already fragile tensions between the waring nations, which escalated last week when the Pakistan military shot down two Indian warplanes that had travelled into the Kashmire airspace.

The advisory comes in a bid to ensure the safety of the Americans travelling to India following the deadly Pulwama attack that claimed lives of 40 CRPF personnel.

He said Pakistan should take concrete steps "against terrorists and terror infrastructure" on its territory.

"The widespread presence of terrorist camps in Pakistan is a public knowledge within and outside Pakistan", he said. "We will not allow any militant group to function in our country now".

"Since February 26, following demands from the global community, Pakistan is again claiming to take fresh action against terror groups on its soil".

The FATF would then make a fresh review of the progress and compliance made by Pakistan with the remaining targets by May and conclude in June review meetings, whether the country should be moved out of the "grey list" or kept in this list in case of minor shortcomings or be downgraded to the "black list" having serious financial and economic repercussions in case of serious shortcomings.