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Pro-Remain Parties Beat Pro-Brexit Parties In European Elections

EU election: Results for Thanet – overwhelming vote for The Brexit Party

In the 2014 EU Parliament election, what was then Farage's UK Independence Party won with 26.8%, followed by Labour on 24.7% and the Conservatives on 23.3%.

Mr Johnson will use today's results to present himself as the best candidate to counter Mr Farage, with a warning that the...

The UK voted in the European Parliament elections on Thursday.

The MEPs elected from the South East region are: Nigel Farage, Alexandra Phillips, Robert Rowland and Belinda De Camborne Lucy for the Brexit Party; Catherine Bearder, Anthony Hook and Judith Bunting, Liberal Democrats; Alexandra Phillips, Green; Daniel Hannan, Conservative; John Howarth, Labour.

The European election offered an outlet for Britons to vent their frustration with their two big parties.

But Labour was also punished for refusing to clearly spell out whether it still wanted Britain to be in our out of the EU.

Mr Watson said: "Our performance (in the European elections) is a direct result of our mealy-mouthed backing for a public vote on Brexit when it is being demanded loud and clear by the overwhelming majority of our members and voters".

Appearing on BBC, Brexit campaigner Suzanne Evans said: "It is quite interesting the Brexit Party have repeated UKIP's success from 2014".

According to UK Institute for Government, 21 ministers under May have resigned over Brexit, citing the UK government's inability to deliver and negotiate the terms of the deal as a major loss of confidence in their country's political system.

Cable argues that such a step would wreck untold damage on the United Kingdom economy.

Brexit Party in first place with 15,713; Lib Dems second on 8,264, Green Party third at 4,810. The Greens won 7.7% in 2014 and the Liberal Democrats 6.7%.

The Conservatives must now decide what they intend to do about the long-suffering European Union withdrawal deal May reached with Brussels previous year.

Analysts think that Sunday's early results could push the Conservatives to embrace the tougher Brexit line.