Prince William posts emotional World Cup tweet

England jersey 2018 Three Lions

Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) was the official anthem for England during the Euro Championships in 1996.

One of the finest offerings to date features Ross, Chandler and Joey from "Friends" who, thanks to an assist from Marcel the monkey, slowly come to realise that it is, in fact, coming home.

Comedian Russell Brand shared a video of himself reciting the St Crispin's Day speech from William Shakespeare's Henry V, against the music of Three Lions.

Luton chief Nathan Jones has a sneaking suspicion that England will go on and win the World Cup this year.

But what's that tune I can hear England fans singing during this World Cup?

England have already made history during the World Cup, after beating Colombia during a penalty shootout. Baddiel and Skinner, its comic co-writers, have said they meant the song to reflect the realities of British football fandom in the intervening decades since their fleeting ultimate victory - "a bittersweet love song" to a team that can only be relied upon to screw it all up.

2017 was definitely England's year.

Three months after England's first worldwide soccer title in over a half century, the youngest ones emulated the U20 feat and lifted the World Cup trophy in India on October 28 after defeating Spain 5-2 in the championship match.

Meanwhile, it's been a good week for the inescapable "Three Lions" song, even if it has been ruined forever for those of us who appreciated its charm up until now.

England's Harry Kane celebrates after he scored his side's second goal against Panama on Sunday.

Baddiiel, Skinner and The Lightning seeds score top place following England win.

The chorus' iconic line refers to soccer returning to England, its birth home. You have well and truly earned your place in the final eight of the #WorldCup and you should know the whole country is right behind you for Saturday! That "could", so tentative and clouded by doubt, says it all.