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President Trump, hurricanes Harvey and Irma are sending you a message

Pope Francis celebrates Mass at the Casa Santa Marta on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

But the standing water created new threats to our refineries.

According to NOAA, historical data indicates that September 10 is the day when tropical system activity is most likely to be occurring in the Atlantic basin due to favorable conditions (warm sea surface temperatures, moist air, and low wind shear). When he was called on he wanted to know whether the administration would admit that climate change had something to do with the devastation.

Many of these impacts are avoidable.

Irma was a Category 5 hurricane, the most unsafe measure by the National Hurricane Center, before being downgraded to Category 4 early on Friday after pummelling islands in the Caribbean.

HuffPost UK travelled to Antarctica to see first-hand the effects of climate change - to discover what the rising temperature on the continent means for the rest of the world. Rita's estimated cost of damages was $23.7 billion.

AccuWeather said the economic costs include disruptions to businesses, increased unemployment, damage to infrastructure, crop losses, property damage and increased fuel prices.

"We estimated that Hurricane Harvey is to be the costliest weather disaster in United States history at $190 billion or one full percentage point of the GDP".

The Department of Energy says eight Gulf Coast refineries are in the process of restarting. It doesn't account for the damage to fragile ecosystems.

'I will tell you that we continue to take seriously the climate change, ' he said. To change the trajectory, we must alter our path. "It takes days to start them back up". And Scott Pruitt, who Trump selected to appoint as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, was a key player in legal attempts to quash then-President Obama's Clean Power Plan, a set of policies created to combat climate change.

So, what does he do instead: appoint a bunch of fellow deniers to all the top jobs that should be held by people with common sense, open minds and an understanding of science.

For those affected by Irma, Freddie Mac recommends to reach out to your mortgage company as soon as possible, register for disaster assistances at the federal (FEMA) and state levels, contact your insurance agents, and document to your home and belongings.