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President Obama Opens Up About Racism He Has Faced as POTUS

Barack Obama CNN interview

The special, "The Legacy of Barack Obama", was over-the-top ridiculous, with Obama's media allies STILL playing the race card, reducing the spirited opposition to the most liberal president in US history to the color of his skin.

But nearing the end of his second term, the POTUS opened up to CNN's Fareed Zakaria on a primetime special titled, "The Legacy of Barack Obama", about how race has shaped his presidency and shown the best - and worst - of the America he led. Are those who champion the birther movement feeding off of bias?

It's worth noting that Zakaria observed about the interview that the president "doesn't see racism in mainstream opposition to him, but he does see it on the fringes". Now, even Obama-who's been relatively chill about Trump winning the election-acknowledges he "absolutely" faced racism from "folks whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign".

As the first African American president, it is unsurprising that race has been a constant theme throughout his administration.

Limbaugh said Obama has not eased racial tensions during his eight years in the White House. "I can't name one thing that this Congress supported this president on in eight years", he said.

"You have to have an extraordinary explanation for this level of obstruction", Mr. Jones says, evidently not referring to philosophical disagreement between liberalism and conservatism about the size and scope of government.

Zakaria picks up that narrative with President Obama himself, who makes no attempts at finally fulfilling the promise to be the great uniter, healer, and post-racial president that helped sweep him into office.

Obama said in Wednesday's interview people may view him differently than other presidents because of his race.

"There are people who dislike me because they think I'm a liberal", Obama began, before his remarks were cut.

The current President also came under pressure during the "Black Lives Matter" protests over the shootings of unarmed black Americans by police officers. "He ran to be the president of the United States and he happens to be black", Axelrod added.