Premier League clubs vote to close summer transfer window early

Cesc Fabregas

It means the 2018 window will close at 5pm on the Thursday before start of season.

"This is for Premier League clubs only and has no bearing on other leagues and competitions".

Clubs know what players they have available from the first game of the season, and that all the players are focussed.

There's certainly an argument to suggest that it's the right way to do business, one forwarded by Tottenham striker Harry Kane.

"It was a concern but I wouldn't say it was a real pathological anger about that, it was just one of the concerns that they felt, on balance, meant they couldn't support it".

"So you've got an extra incentive to get it done if you want to get it done".

Premier League executive chairman told Sky Sports News on Thursday that the Premier League's managers were overwhelmingly in favour of the changes, and all three of the above spoke out in support at some point during the summer. Nearly all of them were in favour of shutting it earlier.

For players, too, the buzzword is clarity.

This could be credited with both situations of Virgil van Dijk and Philippe Coutinho who are yet to play for their sides this season.

"I think there must be a homogenous solution, at least within all the major European leagues". It would make sense for the dates to be aligned with the Premier League and any unintended consequences need to be thought through. "This is for Premier League clubs only and has no bearing on other leagues and compeitions".

Had the Catalans been able to prise the Brazilian away, Liverpool would have had the added blow of not then being able to sign any replacements.

While Oxlade-Chamberlain did play amid uncertainty about his Arsenal future, players at other teams linked with transfers were missing in the opening weeks of the season.

This decision may go some way to putting an end to many of those wonderful transfer sagas we've become accustomed to every year, which typically drag out until the early stages of the new season.

Clubs in the Football League and elsewhere in Europe will not be affected by the decision and will be able to buy and sell until the end of August.