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Pregnant Pak Singer Didn't Stand During Performance. She Was Shot Thrice

Samina Samoon aka Samina Sindhu was killed for refusing to oblige to her inebriated assailant's wishes

A pregnant musician in Pakistan was reportedly shot and killed after she declined a man's demands to stand as she sung at a family gathering.

Shama Junejo, a human rights activist from Sindh province, where the shooting took place, tweeted that the singer had to perform due to poverty and that her husband was under pressure to drop the charges. Pakistani media reported that the killer has been identified as Tarique Ahmed Jatoi. The footage shows the woman performing a song sitting on a stage, with several musicians behind her. The weapon used to murder the singer was recovered, Geo TV quoted the DIG as saying.

Senior Larkana police officer said video of the incident would also be made part of the investigation. Relatives of the deceased Samina Sindhu are poor, and there are chances that the case will be canceled by pressuring them.

Samira Sindhu, a singer who was eight months pregnant and performing at a circumcision celebration in a village called Kanga, was shot by a male guest because she wasn't standing while singing, according to the BBC.

The police said the singer's husband filed a double murder report because of the unborn child.

Former president Asif Ali Zardari, who is also the co-chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), took notice of the incident and stressed that the accused should be brought into the court of law.