Possible Gas Shortage and Price Increase Ahead for the High Plains

Vayu senior energy analyst Keith Donnelly

"The Consumer Protection Division of the attorney general's office received more than 500 complaints today, many of which involve allegations of high fuel prices in Dallas, including amounts ranging from $6-$8 dollars per gallon", Paxton's office said in a statement.

The Texas Railroad Commissioner said Thursday those worries are unfounded, bluntly tweeting: "There is no #gasshortage".

As of Thursday evening, the Gas Buddy website indicates that only about 1000 Texas gas stations out of the more than 13,000 it tracks actually had fuel.

"Even if all the refineries were running, we'd still be having this issue", he told the Texas Tribune.

Twitter users posted snapshots of long lines of cars outside gas stations and signs went up warning drivers that their local gas pumps had been bled dry.

While Azanza's organization has received notices of fuel outages from some of its Austin members, he said the situation appeared to be worse in the Dallas area, where reports of long lines and empty pumps were more widespread. You're going to see that these logistical issues will get resolved.

"We will are designated stores in all quadrants of the Dallas Fort Worth area and make sure those stores will constantly have carriers back and forth supplying gasoline", Thornbrugh explained. "We knew, based upon everything that is going on, it simply would not have been feasible to keep every single station that we have full of gasoline". "They may run into some really big issues".

Still, the sporadic shortages are coming on the eve of Labor Day weekend, traditionally a time when motorists take to the road and demand for gasoline is high. "So don't go run out and fill up your tank, you're ok".

The result could be "dire consequences and widespread shortages of gasoline" if that happens, he said.

The average price of a gallon of gas had soared by at least.10 cents in eight states since Thursday: South Carolina, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Texas. Americans continue to consume about 9.7 million barrels per day - a 2 million barrel deficit, DeHaan said. Average prices statewide are now at $2.36 a gallon for regular unleaded, but going up by the minute.

"Don't panic", he said.

Blocks away from another packed Valero, however, was the lonely Blanco Star gas station and convenience store. "We have gasoline. We have enough gasoline across the country and we have enough gasoline in Texas".