Police continue timeline probe of Steve Stephens

Search For Facebook Killer Continues

State police major William Teper said the trooper who rammed Stephens' auto "saw him pull the gun out and shoot himself".

Stephens "was spotted this morning by PSP members in Erie County".

The man accused of randomly gunning down a Cleveland retiree and posting the video to Facebook took his own life in Pennsylvania, where police were tipped off by a McDonald's worker.

Police said they found Stephens after a tip off that his vehicle was in a McDonald's auto park.

Authorities had traced Stephens to Pennsylvania using signals from his mobile phone, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said. The videos once again raised the question of Facebook's role in how it deals with grisly murders, rapes and other inappropriate content.

Mark Zuckerberg spoke publicly for the first time on Tuesday about the Cleveland murder video that stayed up on Facebook for almost two hours before it was removed.

The employee took Stephens' money and waited for him to drive up to the next window before calling the police, DuCharme said.

Although Facebook pulled the videos and suspended Stephens' account 23 minutes after they were first reported, Zuckerberg said Facebook could do better in quickly flagging and removing violent videos.

Lane said her and Stephens were romantically involved for a while and had discussed getting married.

Police believe Stephens might have left the state of Ohio.

Federal partners were involved in the hunt for Stephens, and were stationed in Erie.

Cleveland police are saying the video never should have been shared. Though he claimed in his Facebook post to have killed more than a dozen people, there appears to be no evidence that he shot anyone besides Godwin.

Before murdering Godwin, Stephens had written on his Facebook page that he wanted to kill someone out of rage toward his ex-girlfriend.

Police later located him by a cellphone ping.

Within a day, authorities expanded the search nationwide and offered a 50,000 dollar (£39,000) reward for information leading to his capture.