Pokemon GO Projected to Beat Twitter in Daily Activity


Don't worry! We have it covered.

Restaurants, churches, historical markers and more are utilized in the alternate reality game, but watch where you go.

Taking a quick glance around Payne Park in Sarasota on Monday, you could see people walking around, eyes glued to their phones.

The more kids play the game, the more they go out and become exposed to bad elements.

"It gets me out when I normally wouldn't be", said player Alex Smith, who was out playing the game on his lunch break. "Of course, that's Pokemon Go". The captured monsters can be used to battle other users. The combination of a game and real-time interaction is known as augmented reality (AR).

The game surged to the top of Apple's app charts over the weekend and involves finding and capturing virtual Pokemon characters at various locations.

As the game requires players to travel the world (or at least around their own city) in order to play it, some criminal-minded individuals have been using the game's mechanics to trap and cheat the players.

The game has sparked warnings about safety, amid reports of injuries, trespassing, and the discovery of a dead body.

Brett William Miller, 17, allegedly displayed a handgun and demanded the victim's wallet and cash, police said. However, the latter site has now suspended all new registrations, leading many to have no other option but to choose signing in through their Google accounts.

The security flaw was found by cyber security expert Adam Reeve, who described the issue as a "huge security risk" and revealed that anyone who has signed up to the app using their Google account on either an iPad or iPhone is affected.

The easy way to get Pokemon Go at this time therefore is to install the APK installer for Android, and changing the region for the iOS users.

Google settings state that "full access" means Pokemon Go "can see and modify almost all information in your Google Account".

Niantic promised it will not use this supreme access of personal information and said it has started working on a fix to reduce the user permission needed to play the game.

Now here is a catch: Whenever you access an APP with your Google account it gives out a message about the DATA the app is going to be able to access, here is an example of one such message: "This app will be able to view your email address and name".

In fact, one of the reasons why people sometime find their Facebook accounts hacked and their timeline full of unsavory messages is because a rogue app probably sneaking into their accounts and then using the access to post messages on their behalf.