Pokemon Go phenomenon gives Nintendo shares record lift


"The team is now heads down working on the game".

Get the detailed Process on Pokemon Go Installation on both Android and iOS devices. The percentage was even higher in Australia and New Zealand with 15.1% and 16% devices respectively as compared with Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga which ranked far behind with 5% and 9% of total Android installations.

The world's latest favourite smartphone game Pokemon Go might never release in China owing to strict censorship and other technical problems but a clone called City Spirit Go, is now topping charts in the country.

It uses mapping software to create a virtual reality game so adults and children alike can "catch them all" by seeing the game characters on their screen at various locations.

"This is the fastest take up of an app or game we've ever seen - and that's before it's officially launched!" claimed Matt Stagg, head of video and content strategy at EE. The time users spend on Pokemon Go is 43 minutes a day, which is more than they spend on WhatsApp (30 minutes).

Pokemon GO is available to download either in the Google Play store or in Apple's App Store. Here are some things that we would like to see from the future of Pokemon Go. She plays an unofficial version with an artificial map based on countries where the game is available.

Pokemon Go: The app that managed to get scores of people moving again. Pokémon GO is now officially available to be installed from Google Play or iTunes. "Nintendo have a minority stake in Pokémon Go, and will pocket just a small slice of the game's profits".

Also there are reports of trespassing as enthusiastic players try to "find" and "capture" creatures on others' property.

It noted that the maker of the game Nitantic was never able to read your Gmail and the permissiveness has more to do with Google's settings.

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