Pixel 2 Google Photos unlimited storage is not truly unlimited after all

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Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners will be able to take advantage of a useful new feature that will help keep them safe on the road.

The latest Action Launcher update brings the Pixel 2's newly designed Google Search bar to any of your devices.

According to Android Police, Google provides screenshots for the app featuring an automatic setting when the phones detect a user driving.

The search engine giant, Google has unveiled the next generation of its flagship smartphones.

Orrin went on to list off 12 available USB-C or Bluetooth headphones that are compatible with the Pixel 2, as well as seven mode that are described as "coming soon". Consequently, the Pixel 2 can create a depth map and allow for shallow depth of field effects in its "Portrait Mode".

With this parity of hardware in mind, Google is betting that the union of hardware, software and AI will ensure its products will best the competition - and the Pixel Buds exemplify this new approach.

"It's an incredible application of Google Translate powered by machine learning - it's like having a personal translator by your side", Payne said at the event.

The Pixel Buds can translate between languages in real time using Google Translate on Pixel. The video includes a number of interesting interviews with the Pixel 2 team. For example, if a user circles a photo of a flower, Google Assistant can give them information about it without the need for text input. In a sense, Google Lens functions similar to Google Goggles app and Samsung's Bixby Vision feature.

Taking great photos and videos is the thing you do most with your phone, so Google has set out to make that even better. The Clips' battery should last about three hours, and the LED lights let you know when it's recording.

The new headphones will offer help from the Google Assistant.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told investors earlier this year that Google Translate will take many steps forward this year. "Google could have easily put two USB-C ports if you wanted customers to shift to USB-C for audio". However, the biggest improvement comes not with the hardware itself, but the software.

iPhone X- iPhone X comes with Face ID facial recognition feature which means you can just unlock the device just giving a look at its camera.

What is your favourite feature on the new Pixel Launcher? On the optics front, the phone has a 23-megapixel rear camera with dual tone LED and an 8-megapixel front facing snapper with 88-degree wide angle lens.