Phoenix baby, 5 others, killed in 25-car pileup on I-10

Phoenix baby, 5 others, killed in 25-car pileup on I-10

Police say winds and a dust storm abruptly blew in on westbound I-10 near Lordsburg, New Mexico, around 5 p.m. Monday.

A dust storm near the New Mexico-Arizona border is being blamed for a fatal crash involving at least 25 vehicles.

Among those killed were a 9-month-old girl from Phoenix, two people from El Paso, Texas, and an Escondido, California man.

Arizona Department of Transportation officials said traffic in both directions would need to take a 105-mile detour to avoid the significant highway closure.

In May 2014, seven people died when a driver suddenly hit the brakes as blowing dust shrouded visibility.

In February, two women were killed when their auto got sandwiched between two semi-trucks in a crash caused by a dust storm.

The crash happened on Interstate 10 West.

This story has been corrected to show the interstate reopened Tuesday.

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