Phillies Phire Back at Chris Christie

Trains not drains New Jersey lobbyists on way to swamp DC

Brennan's complaint accuses Christie of failing to stop subordinates from purposely creating traffic jams in 2013 as an act of political retribution against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich who didn't endorse Christie's re-election bid. Here's why that doesn't really matter.

Chris Christie is turning heel.

In January 2014, several New Jersey residents filed lawsuits against Christie claiming that the massive traffic incident was caused by deliberate actions.

As pointed out by, the Drug Czar is "mandated to tell lies as part of their Congressional authorization". Sure enough, Christie delivered one.

"This judge has once again violated the Governor's constitutional rights and intentionally ignored the earlier ruling by Assignment Judge Mizdol", Christie spokesman Brian Murray said in a statement.

His Dallas Cowboy fandom is well documented, but this week he extended his dislike of Philadelphia sports to the Philadelphia Phillies.

He was there to talk about the Phillies painting Tug McGraw's famous "Ya Gotta Believe!" quote on the walls of their facility. The Phillies, meanwhile, seem to just be getting started. They're from Philadelphia. They are an bad team, they are an angry bitter fanbase. A Mets fan, Christie also said it's it's not safe to attend a game at Citizen's Bank Park and root for an opposing team. Ya gotta Believe what?

The source rejected speculation that Christie - a former United States attorney and once-trusted Trump confidant - is under consideration for a Trump administration job.

"There was zero, I repeat zero, conversation about that", said the aide. "My view is, I have got a job to do as governor, and then my intention is to go off to the private sector and to help support my family".