Perseid meteor shower 2017: Spectacular images of shooting stars that thrill stargazers

If you can see through the clouds, there's a meteor shower happening tonight in Ireland

One of those who stayed up was Twitter user John-GM7PBB who lives on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.

Met Eireann predict that skies will be clear for Irish star-gazers to see the celestial fireworks display. "We're hoping to get that many again or more, and we just invite people to bring their blankets, snacks, water and come and watch the stars in their park", Corp said.

Robin Scagell, vice president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said yesterday that this year's shower would be "decent".

The display peaked in the United Kingdom on Saturday and into Sunday, but can be seen all around the world. The further away the chosen destination is from any major city, the higher chances of better seeing these meteors due to decreased levels of light pollution.

The Perseid meteor shower occurs every August as the Earth's journey around the sun stumbles upon the debris of a comet named Swift-Turtle.

On this night, the moon will be around three-quarters full, making it trickier to spot the shower in the sky. In general, the Perseid meteor showers have 80 meteors an hour.

"The Perseids can be very bright and often quite spectacular", said Mr Scagell.

STARGAZERS had their eyes and lenses pointed skywards last night as meteors rained down over Dorset. People might see one or two per minute.

The darker the sky, the better viewing experience you can have.

The meteor show began a few weeks ago and is expected to continue for another week.