‘Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters’ $853K and ‘We’re The Millers’ $1.7M Late Shows

Hollywood, CA, 08/08/2013 (nysepost) – The box office crown of the Hollywood was used to be worn by New Line when it came out as “laugh out loud” comedy. But it is not the case anymore. It is because of that bomb, The Incredible Burt Wonder stone, earlier this year. So let’s see if “We’re The Millers”, the R-rated movie will be a hit for Warner Bros or not. Till now, there is not much to go on about this film. In spite of the endless flaking by the boring Jennifer Aniston who was showing off her stripper moves to gain attention, its $1.7 million opening for 8 PM late shows on Tuesday in about 2,700 locations is nothing to write home about.

The comic in the film is subjective so if there are haters for “We’re The Millers”, it should not be a shock for you. But for someone who enjoys vulgar humour that is both smart and mean, this consistently funny movie will make him/ her laugh a lot. The movie delivers more than what is promised by its trailers. You have to have an appetite for comedy that bounces between the obscene, the scatological and the just plain wrong. It cannot be said that all the jokes work but they just work enough to make you laugh right through to the end.

This summer, tracking has been very unreliable and indicates $30 plus million dollars for the first 5 days of the official release of the film in about 3,260 theatres. But who knows if this venture of Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, her Horrible Bosses co-star, will satisfy the craving of people for summer comedies after This Is The End, Grown-Ups 2 and The Heat.

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters is another new film from a major studio opening. It is based on the best-selling book and has released into about 3,150 theatres. It earned $853K from 2,155 locations after opening for 10 PM late shows on Tuesday. Tracking is showing an opening around $20M for its first 5 days after TV ads of the picture are running incessantly during Shark Week of Discovery with a CGI-heavy cost of $90 million.

The first Percy movie made $138 million international and $88.8 million domestic and this sequel may face a hard time matching both numbers. Percy 2 opens in Malaysia, Philippines, Chile, Ecuador and big markets the United Kingdom and Mexico this weekend for 1,799 screens.

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