People are injuring themselves doing the ‘Kiki Challenge’

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The viral "In My Feelings" dance craze was started by internet comedian and Instagram star Shiggy.

Through its official Twitter handle, the Mumbai Police has warned that the Kiki challenge not only endangers those attempting it, but also others.

Just when we thought that we got rid of the much unsafe "Blue Whale Challenge", comes another silly challenge which people take up openly ignoring the risk of crashing into something or being hit by moving vehicles.

He got out of the auto, dances for a moment and gets hit by the vehicle he was supposed to jump on.

According to reports some videos show dancers crashing into poles, tripping on potholes or falling out of the cars.

Delhi Police also gave a tough competition.

As the challenge went viral in India as well, the local police in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru have already issued advisories against attempting to jump out of moving vehicles. The challenge has spread across social media, with even the Tampa Police Department posting its own version (although the officers featured are seen dancing from the safety of the sidewalk).

"Dance on the floors, not on the roads!"

A Florida man attempting the "In My Feelings" challenge was hit by a auto when he slipped and was struck while attempting to jump on the hood of the vehicle, according to WGHP. Drivers in the state of Florida could be fined US$ 1,000 as well. Hence if you are thinking going for challenge and before you lose your life performing this challenge, take a piece of advice from protectors who are making efforts to aware you.