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Pence says US-Canada relationship has 'never been stronger' | AP business

Pence says US-Canada relationship has 'never been stronger' | AP business

US Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday he hoped the revised North American free trade deal would be ratified this summer.

Visiting Ottawa for talks with Trudeau on pushing ratification of the renegotiated trilateral trade deal between Canada, the USA and Mexico, Pence called it a "historic opportunity" to strengthen economic ties between the countries.

The new trade deal doesn't come into force until ratified by all three countries, and it's the politically volatile USA that remains the wild card on that score.

Some lawmakers in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives have said the deal needs stronger enforcement provisions for labor and environmental standards.

"I am proud to be part of a pro-life administration", Pence said regarding possible resentment toward Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for delivering "sermons" on the United States "backsliding" on abortion rights. But Trudeau additionally raised the discipline of ladies's rights within the USA, the put aside several states procure enacted anti-abortion measures.

"We have a historic opportunity to strengthen the economic ties between our two nations with the passage of the USMCA", Pence told reporters after sitting down with Trudeau.

Pence said Thursday that the USA has "stood strong" with Canada against China, but offered no details about what exactly it has done to help try and secure the release of the Canadians who have been arrested.

Pence urged Canada to exclude Huawei gear from their subsequent-generation wireless networks, is significant as 5G. "I will have a broad conversation with the Vice President in which of course that will come up".

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau said the two men had a "cordial conversation" about abortion laws in the U.S. despite their difference of views. Trudeau has said he plans to discuss the "backslide of women's rights" happening in the USA and Canada with Vice President Mike Pence during an upcoming visit to Canada.

In a joint statement, both Mr Trudeau and Mr Pence called for their immediate release and said that China's actions were damaging its worldwide reputation.

Pence said he also had "extensive discussions" with Trudeau over the detained Canadians as their meeting went more than half an hour longer than scheduled.

"But for President Trump, for me, for our administration, we'll always stand for the right to life". "I encourage my colleagues in Canada to address these critical issues before passing the agreement". "I expect the issue will come up again at the G-20", Pence said.

"We consider Huawei incompatible with the security interests of the United States of America and our allies", Pence said.

Despite the Trump White House taking pains to show a willingness to treat Canada's concerns seriously, Trudeau clearly didn't see any political advantage to highlighting the bilateral relationship.

Canadians who follow the news even a bit know the basic background.

It was only two weeks ago that Canada and the USA resolved their tariff dispute, seemingly giving the government the go-ahead to move ahead with ratification. When Trump visited Quebec last summer for a meeting of the Group of Seven, he ended the trip by tweeting insults at Trudeau from his plane - a move that won him few friends in Ottawa.