Pellegrini’s West Ham conference: No Salah plan, Perez hope & board insight

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For each game this coming campaign, the cover will feature striking and iconic imagery of the Reds' players, while the programme itself will be packed with news, interviews and more. It is really hard, but it's not only hard for us. We want to be champions of England, but what about [Manchester] United and the other clubs?

Liverpool spent a reported £176million ($225million, 196million euros) bringing in, among others, Brazilians goalkeeper Alisson and midfielder Fabinho and Klopp hopes to deliver Liverpool's first league title in the Premier League era, with the last of their 18 champions crowns coming in 1990. I thought about it for the preseason, but now we have to be in this championship mood. They didn't lose any players and they brought in [Riyad] Mahrez.

Klopp, whose longtime number two Zeljko Buvac left abruptly towards the end of last term, fell back one of his favourite analogies saying Liverpool were Sylvester Stallone's fictional boxer Rocky Balboa rather than his Soviet opponent Ivan Drago.

People ask me already if it's the best squad I've ever had. We only did finals.

"We can't go there and only because we are Liverpool we will win the game there".

"The great thing about Chelsea under Roman Abramovich is whenever you think they have got problems, they are the one club in the top six who can fight back straight away and win a league". "That's the plan - that we really go for it".

"The league is exactly the same".

"In the moment it's nothing, it's like scientists-[in theory] it really works".

West Ham fans have grown to be frustrated in recent years following false promises from the board, with boiling point reached in a defeat to Burnley earlier this year where some fans invaded the field to protest, but the owners have finally put their money where their mouth is.

"Ragnar, no real chance, he didn't train".

Despite spending £250million on new players in 2018, Klopp believes City are still the team to beat and used the Rocky IV film to emphasise his point.