PayPal Integrates its Mobile Payments with Samsung Pay Wallet

Samsung's mobile payment service “Samsung Pay” will partner with PayPal

Today, Samsung announced the newly formed partnership with PayPal, as a payment method on Samsung Pay. Samsung did go on to say that PayPal support within Samsung Pay will be coming to other countries "soon", but did not give a list of where they have plans, or when this expansion could start. After looking through both my Samsung Pay and PayPal apps, I'm not finding a way to now connect the two. Moving into the next phase of new and innovative services for Samsung Pay, we are delighted to have MobiKwik on board as a partner. In 2014, we worked with Samsung to enable mobile payments with just a fingerprint. Right now, access to PayPal payments is limited to Samsung Pay users in the U.S. but it will extend soon.

To use the service either for online or offline payments, users must first register their PayPal accounts on Samsung Pay. Samsung Knox security backs Samsung Pay, which is a high level of security concerning secure ecosystem for PayPal.

With millions of PayPal users out there with limited ways of using their funds in stores, this collaboration is hugely beneficial.

PayPal is focused on delivering seamless mobile commerce experiences and extending this reach through strategic partnerships.

Much in the same way that Samsung is ahead of PayPal when it comes to in-store payments, PayPal's Braintree is far ahead of Samsung Pay's online payment system.

Users can access their PayPal wallet right inside Samsung's app and spend the balance in places where they couldn't before.
"This partnership furthers our commitment to providing customers with a more convenient payment experience that is simple, secure and available nearly anywhere".

The move is quite a boon for Samsung, whose payment service already works with Near Field Communication (NFC), as well as with Samsung's patented Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology.