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Paul Manafort Is Getting Transferred out of His "VIP" Prison

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Earlier this week, the judge had ordered Manafort be moved from the Northern Neck jail, more than 100 miles away from his lawyers, to the Alexandria Detention Center near the courthouse.

Manafort has been charged with money laundering and bank fraud, among other violations.

Manafort has not been seen since a DC federal judge revoked his bail and sent him to the regional jail in Warsaw, Virginia, about two hours from DC, for alleged witness tampering. Mueller's office is calling shenanigans.

Manafort joined the Trump campaign in March 2016 and led operations until August, a period including the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The prosecutors' filing says Manafort has everything he needs to prepare for the trial, including his own phone and computer. "Manafort remarked in a taped prison call that he is able to visit with his lawyers every day".

In phone calls reviewed by Mueller, Manafort has told unidentified associates that he's finished going through discovery; meets regularly with his legal team; and has access to all his files, "like I would at home".

Manafort's trial in Alexandria is scheduled to start July 25.

"When the team takes the laptop from the jail, it reconnects to the Internet and Manafort's emails are transmitted", they wrote. Manafort's not required to wear a prison uniform and isn't confined to a cell from 8:30 10 p.m., Mueller said.

"The Special Counsel does not pause to consider the reasons a detained defendant might have to make his situation sound better when speaking with concerned friends and family".

"While the opposition does not generally misrepresent the confinement conditions, its cavalier dismissal of the challenges of preparing for back-to-back complex white collar criminal trials while the defendant is in custody shows a lack of concern with fairness or due process", they argue. Ellis denied Manafort's motion Wednesday and ordered Manafort transferred. His second criminal trial, in DC federal court, is set to begin in mid-September and will focus on foreign lobbying-related criminal violations.

Ellis, the judge in the Virginia case, has directed lawyers for both sides to appear on July 17, to argue about whether the case should be delayed or moved.