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Pasquotank Correctional Institute employees injured in attempted prisoner escape

Pasquotank Correctional Institute at 527 Commerce Dr Elizabeth City N.C

Officials have identified two North Carolina prison employees who were killed when inmates at a sewing plant started a fire in an unsuccessful escape attempt Thursday. Several other employees were hurt.

Several employees of a North Carolina prison were injured during an attempted escape Thursday afternoon.

The business ventures include the sewing plant at the Pasquotank Correctional Institution, which hires 30 inmate workers.

Darden supervised inmates in the plant and worked with Correction Enterprises since 2007, previously working as a correctional officer.

The public safety page has since indicated the facility is under lockdown and that the situation is under control. DPS said there were 725 inmates incarcerated at this time in close, medium and minimum security. However, as of approximately 4:45 p.m., the lockdown has been lifted and students and staff are now being dismissed. In such case, an argument between two inmates turned into a stabbing attack in which one prisoner stabbed the other multiple times in the upper torso. "They sew uniforms for state prison inmates ... mostly institutional uniforms". A call was made to the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office that there was a "possible escape of prisoners" at the Pasquotank Correctional Institute, WAVY-TV reported.

The high-security all male prison holds 896 inmates, and has a staff size of 410 employees, according to the prison's website.

In response to the incident, three nearby schools, Northside Elementary, Elizabeth City Middle School and Pasquotank County High School, have been placed on lockdown per instruction from Emergency Management.

"We didn't want kids home alone or in transport with the potential situation that was unfolding", Sawyer said.