Parkey's missed kick officially ruled block

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Parkey even said after the game he thought he hit the ball well. "Then I heard everybody screaming, I was like, oh, [expletive]. he missed it". Seeing the Chicago Bears go one-and-done in the playoffs after waiting eight long years to see them return was one of the harder losses I have ever witnessed.

Initially, it just looked like a miss that hit the upright crossbar, but after close examination, it turned out that Trevyon Hester was actually able to get his finger on it, and that caused the ball to change its trajectory.

The whole thing blew up overnight, too, so now there are dozens of Parkey impersonators on the service, all trying to cash in on the moment and make a few extra dollars.

"I feel awful", Parkey told reporters after the game. "Unfortunately, that's the way it went today".

Parkey missed seven field goals and three extra points during the regular season, while his lone miss in the postseason was technically blocked. "There's really no answer to it".

"I 100% take that loss on me".

After Hester gave the details, people still weren't convinced that the kick had been tipped.

Parkey's teammates defended him after the game, pointing out he had nine of the team's 15 points. Eagles defensive tackle Treyvon Hester appeared to have gotten a piece of the football with his right hand as it entered flight, which is likely the reason the kick tailed to the left and infamously doinked the upright. "I know we're ready for this week". They had an awesome season.