Paris knife attacker kills one, wounds four before being slain by police

   ATTACK A knifeman has been shot dead after stabbing several people in Paris

A knife-wielding assailant killed one person and injured four others in a lively neighborhood near Paris' famed Opera Garnier before he was killed by police in the French capital Saturday night.

Eyewitnesses say police officers first tried to taser the attacker - but then fired two shots after this failed to stop the assailant, France24 reports.

The man is said to have attacked five people.

Note that in France in 2015, there have been several major terrorist attacks, responsibility for which was taken by the terrorists from the "Islamic state", as well as a number of attacks with a small number of victims also recognized attacks. Please only share information coming from a trusted source.

France has "paid once again the price of blood but will not cede an inch to the enemies of freedom", French President Emmanuel Macron said in a statement.

The interior minister said the lives of the four injured people are no longer in danger.

One person was killed in Paris late on Saturday in a knife attack claimed by the ISIS terrorist group.

"My first thoughts are for the victims in this odious attack", added Collomb, who made the comments via Twitter.

The attack comes as France is under a constant threat from terrorism.

French police have been criticized in the past for failing to prevent attacks.

The unidentified suspect carried out a stabbing assault Saturday night within the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris, north of the Seine River, which finally led to 2 casualties, together with the attacker.

The identity of the attack suspect and reason for the attack are unclear.

Paris was under raised stability in recent years after having a series of deadly Islamic extremist attacks. The police said the attacker was armed with a knife, but gave no other details. Meanwhile, local media has published a video showing people reportedly running from the mass stabbing attack. The motive for the attack was not immediately known.