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Palestinians Culminate Weeks of Protests on Gaza Border

The Dome of the Rock Mosque in the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City is seen through a door with the shape of star of David

Israeli Defence Forces spokesperson's Twitter account, however, put the number of demonstrators at about 4,000, stating that the protesters gathered at around 3 five border points between the Gaza strip and Israel with some of the protesters burning tires.

Israel said it was defending the frontier against crowds that threw stones and burned tyres in an attempt to cross.

More than 115 Palestinians have been killed and almost 3,700 wounded during near-weekly protests along the Israeli border, according to Palestinian health officials.

On Friday, the Gaza health official announced that at least four Palestinians, including one 15-year-old, were killed and more than 600 were injured during protests in Gaza. Of those wounded, 92 were hit by live fire while the rest suffered from tear gas inhalation, the news agency said.

The motion called on the conference to condemn Israel's attack, which has killed over 120 people since protests began in Gaza on 30 March, oppose "Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land", support the implementation of United Nations resolutions and "lead worldwide efforts to end the siege of Gaza".

Israel's deadly tactics in confronting the protests have drawn global condemnation.

Palestinian UN Ambassador Riad Mansur said that Kuwait's resolution draft was "completely balanced" and stated that his draft will be nearly entirely identical.

"Unfortunately, some Arab leaders in the region have betrayed the great nation of Palestine by staying silent against the US aggressive and adventurous move [in relocating its embassy to Quds] and establishing ties with the Zionist regime", the army's statement said, adding, "but they must know that the nations of the world are watching them and history will remember [their betrayal]".

The tradition of marking "Al-Quds day" - the day of Jerusalem - was initiated by Iran in 1979 and falls on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

Pictures show 23-year-old Abu Sabla with the gas-spewing canister embedded in his cheek as blood ran down his shirt, before he collapsed. International Jerusalem Day also happens to fall this year during the 51st anniversary of the 1967 Middle East war, also known to Palestinians as the Naksa, or "Setback". This would flood Israel with millions of refugees, effectively turning it into an Arab state.

Critics say it amount to collective punishment of the territory's two million residents.

Tel Aviv denies any excessive use of force, saying that the riots are violent and pose a threat to the security of Israel, and it is acting in self-defense. The Palestinian FA had also threatened Argentina's bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2030 over the soccer match in Israel.

Officials in Tehran used the occasion to blast the Jewish State's ongoing conflict with Hamas and other terror organizations in Gaza; most of which are backed by Iranian money, weapons, and military support. Israel and Hamas have fought three cross-border wars since 2008. Israel and Egypt maintain a blockade of the strip, citing security reasons, which has caused an economic crisis and collapse in living standards there over the past decade. He said it aimed to "break the siege and have the world recognize our right to return".