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Pakistan Not Your 'Hired Gun' Anymore: Imran Roared on Trump

US ‘do more’ mantra no longer works with us Pakistani minister tells RT

Khililzad's visit to Islamabad followed a request from U.S. President Donald Trump to Prime Minister Imran Khan seeking help in furthering the Afghan peace process.

Khan said he wanted a relationship with the United States like the one with China - "not one-dimensional" and a "trade relationship".

Speaking about Afghan refugees in Pakistan, he said, "we have 2.7 million Afghan refugees still living in Pakistan".

"We are hopefully at a pre-negotiation stage, and there are some elements trying to improve their bargaining position by trying to make military progress", he said.

"If we left precipitously right now, I do not believe they (Afghan security forces) would be able to successfully defend their country". The US wants them to convince Taliban not to militarily overrun the country if the US pulls out. Now, after releasing three Taliban veterans, and having received Khalilzad at the highest level indicates Pakistani leaders are again positioning themselves for a "bigger" role in the Afghan reconciliation.

On Twitter last month following the bin Laden accusations, Mr Khan said Mr Trump needed to be "informed about historical facts", adding that Pakistan had "suffered enough fighting US's war [on terror]". "It cared for the underprivileged, for the people who can't compete in the race".

This also dovetails Pakistan's opposition to an abrupt United States withdrawal.

The former cricketer told the newspaper he was merely "setting the record straight" with Mr Trump "saying Pakistan was the reason for these sanctuaries [for Taliban leaders]".

In response to a question about the premier's recent efforts to acquire financial assistance from Saudi Arabia, UAE and China, he said that details of the agreements will be kept confidential.

In short, Pakistan's diplomacy is on trial for sure; it of course should help its neighbours and also work together with the U.S. for peace in Afghanistan. We raised money, but we are talking to the IMF [International Monetary Fund].

Welcoming the U.S. bid to engage in talks with the Afghan Taliban, he said that Islamabad did not want the USA to leave Afghanistan in a hurry as they did in 1989.

"As I said our goal here grounded in the objective realities is that there needs to be a settlement that comes from within the society so that it is broadly accepted by the society and therefore has a good chance of being implemented", he said.

Khan has made similar remarks earlier after India cancelled a proposed meeting in NY between the two countries' foreign ministers in September.

"While Pakistan has conducted some operations against VEOs in the country, they must continue to expand these operations and remain aggressively engaged", McKenzie said. I have asked our government to find out the status of the case. "Resolving that case is in our interest because it was an act of terrorism", the Pak PM had said.

"India rebuffed all my overtures because they have elections and the ruling [BJP] party has an anti-Muslim, anti-Pakistan approach", he added. I had gone on television and warned everyone that we will stand by the Supreme Court verdict.