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OR highway 'slimed' after hagfish lorry overturns

Fire Dist

Eels, also called hagfish, are a delicacy in South Korea, and many fisheries in OR ship them there live.

Meanwhile, the Depoe Bay Fire Department posted a video of workers using a bulldozer to clear the eels from the highway.

The hagfish container that flew into the southbound lane triggered a chain-reaction collision involving four vehicles.

In the accident one of the drivers received minor injuries.

The eels were on their way to being transported to Korea, where the fish is considered a delicacy.

The fire department said the animals are actually hagfish, which are eel shaped animals that produce slime. The other containers separated from the truck bed and spilled onto the highway, and the flatbed completely separated from the truck's frame, according to state police.

The Oregon State Police took the accident in stride, posting photos from the scene.

Firefighters were called to hose the creatures off the road.

"Our brains couldn't process what was happening", Butler told KOIN, adding that the containers "just kept going, cascading, a domino effect over these poor cars".

"It was liquid eel", she said.

The eels were supposed to be shipped to Korea for consumption.

"It was disgusting. I will definitely never, ever eat eel".

Hagfish can be found dwelling at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and are harvested off the coast of Oregon. "People always find ways to be grossed out by unusual marine creatures, but when you think about it, hagfish are magnificent".