Oppo and Xiaomi showcase prototypes with under the display front camera

OPPO gives us a first look at its under-display camera tech

Determined not to be left behind, Xiaomi also shared a preview of its proprietary under-display camera solution. This is the first time we are publically seeing a smartphone where the camera will be housed under the OLED panel. He said that at this stage, the optical quality of the under-the-display camera will have "some loss", but he pointed out that every new technology takes time to flawless. On another note, Twitter user IceUniverse has also leaked a teaser video showcasing a comparison between a dewdrop notched device against a Xiaomi smartphone that comes with an under display camera module similar to that of OPPO's implementation displayed above.

Oppo is no stranger to firsts in the smartphone world.

Unlike the other selfie camera designs like the pop-up mechanism or the punch-hole style cutout, there is nothing of that sort in Oppo's latest prototype. The 15 second video posted by the company shows only the top half of the device with the display showing standard wallpapers and it immediately gets interesting. But the flawless solution would no-doubt be to just embed the camera under the display and have no moving parts or blemishes on the screen, right? And yet, the selfie camera appears to function as you'd expect. The camera app was launched, and despite the lack of a visible front-facing camera, the screen still seemingly showed a live view of the room's ceiling. The video is accompanied by the caption "You are taking a very first look at our under-display selfie camera technology". The race is on, and with Chinese manufacturers innovating, it won't be long until we see similar solutions from Korean smartphone manufacturers as well.