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OPD looking for armed robbery suspect

Man who commits robbery after responding to Craig's list ad sentenced to 13 years

According to Police the suspects are not cooperating and have not been fully identified.

(Queensland Registration 881 TRW) before entering the store on Fairfield Road wearing black hoodies with torn clothing covering their face and at least three men armed with knives. During a search of the auto and suspects, deputies found two handguns and money believed to have been stolen from the woman, the Sheriff's Office said. Broomfield Sgt. Steve Griebel said she is a person of interest and not a suspect at this time.

A dispatcher at the Bridge City Police Department could not confirm to 12News when the robbery happened or any other information about it. We suspect many robberies and his friends committed have also gone unreported. In that case, the male suspect was heavily covered head to toe.

"She ended up giving him her purse", said Morgan.

"My door was kicked in, glass shattered, cash register snatched", Pilot said. Later, they took the keys to the safe in the open cupboard from the women and cleaned out Rs 13 lakh in cash and jewellery worth Rs 1 lakh. When contacted, Shubhangi said, "I am very stressed at the moment".

Iozzi adds detectives are checking with other law enforcement agencies to see if they are investigating similar crimes.

The Guyana Police Force said two 9 MM Glock pistols, one of whose serial number was filed out, along with twenty two live rounds; one Beretta pistol with eleven live rounds, and one.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.