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Ontario woman accidentally steals vehicle she mistook for her rental


We go back to late June, when a woman hired a black Nissan Sentra from a vehicle rental company in the city of Cornwall. Prior to that, in the Lvov area the man stole the bus.

When the woman left the store, instead of returning to the Nissan, she entered a black Infiniti QX50 that was parked in the store's lot and took off. The owner of the vehicle left his fob in the auto, enabling the woman to drive away. "The manager observed the vehicle and asked the woman where she got it", police added. When she completed her shopping, she returned to the vehicle she thought was hers, Seaway News reported.

At this time, the owner of the Infiniti returned to the parking lot and discovered his vehicle was missing, to which he reported it stolen to local police.

From there she headed to Walmart, where she did a little shopping before tracking down a black vehicle in the sea of cars parked outside. "The woman was not impressed and handed over the keys".

In the end, both the auto rental company and the Infiniti owner retrieved their vehicles and there was a happy ending to the story.

Although going from Nissan Sentra to an Infiniti was an upgrade, the woman complained to the rental agency when she returned the vehicle two weeks after the "heist".

But little did she know she was actually seated behind the wheel of someone else's vehicle. "She drove around and did her daily business in this stolen vehicle for two weeks", as Constable MacKay puts it.

Police say that both of these cars use key fobs to unlock and start the vehicle.

After asking the woman where she went after leaving the vehicle rental two weeks before, the woman explained what happened and together the pair returned to the scene of the crime - to the Walmart parking lot where the Nissan she had rented was still parked. "You never know who might take it!"

Back-tracking through her trips, he asked her to drive with him to the Wal-Mart-where her actual-rental black Nissan Sentra still Saturday Putting together the pieces in his head and remembering his other distraught-over-a-recently-stolen-Infiniti customer, the manager made a call to police.

Eventually they drove over to the Wal Mart where they found the rental vehicle and called police.