Only a handful of Windows phones will get the latest update

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This has led to speculation that the company could launch its Windows 10 Cloud OS and a Cloud based Surface device which will undoubtedly provide competition towards Google's Chromebook offerings.

In case you didn't know, Microsoft tried something similar two years back with its Surface RT tablet. Developers, meanwhile, are advised to set Windows 10 Creators Update as the minimum platform target in the Visual Studio IDE (integrated development environment). Microsoft could also reveal a successor to the Surface 3, which had been designed with student's problems in mind.

Other devices that were not mentioned will not be supported and will not receive any future builds, the release note from Windows mentioned.

The Windows 10 Creators Update's new dashboard for Windows Defender ATP, called Security Center, gives IT more visibility into users' profiles and PCs. Simple applications like Notepad might not use this API, but for programs such as Word and Excel, which use a custom title bar and window frame, the API would ensure that the tabs acted as if they were a "built-in" part of the program and not merely an add-on.

Running other apps would required a certain change in preference Settings. For something so essential to an operating system named "Windows", for a long time Windows' window management capabilities were quite rudimentary. All in all, Windows RT was an ambitious project but ultimately a failure. That may be a big bummer expectant techies, but CEO Satya Nadella and co. have another ace up their sleeves. For instance, users can now run Android apps on Chromebooks, and there is far more choice now that convertible and detachable versions of the Chromebook have entered the marketplace. This feature runs the Edge browser in a virtual machine, separate from the rest of the operating system, to protect the device from any web-based malware.

There is no indication of when tabs throughout Windows 10 could be added, and it is unclear if the feature will ever make it out to the public. Many were expecting it to get unveiled a year ago.

Tracking Windows Phone's market share across major markets has become something increasingly less interesting to do over the past couple of months.

This includes links to websites you most recently visited using Microsoft edge, or documents you created via Sharepoint, meaning there's no need to scrabble around for the last items you used.