One Pilot Dead, One Injured After Two Planes Crash Into Each Other

One Pilot Dead, One Injured After Two Planes Crash Into Each Other

A witness to the aftermath of a midair collision of two small planes in Quebec says he first thought it was a vehicle accident.

According to police reports, both planes had only the pilots on board and both were injured.

Longueuil police tweeted Friday afternoon the other pilot's injuries were not life-threatening.

Police say one plane crashed into the mall's roof, the other, a parking lot.

An air traffic controller at St-Hubert airport tried to contact a 23-year-old pilot involved in Friday's deadly collision above St-Bruno four times before the crash but never received a response.

Three people were injured in the accident. A report into the crash concludes the converging position of the two planes would have made it hard for either to see the oncoming aircraft until it was too late.

"Then we saw pieces of plane fall out of the sky everywhere".

Martinez said he ran to the plane and saw a man inside, whose body appeared to be crushed.

A security perimeter was set up near the shopping centre yesterday.

The CBC reported that stores in the mall have been evacuated.

Jonathan Vanasse was eating at a restaurant next to the parking lot crash site. There was reportedly one pilot in each plane, neither of which were carrying passengers.

He said all that was left of the aircraft was shredded metal.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada announced it was deploying a team of investigators to the site.

The planes were both Cessna 152 aircrafts operated by Cargair, the biggest flying school in Quebec.

The company released a statement saying that they're working with authorities and offered their sympathies to the families of the pilots.