One case of measles confirmed in Bell County


Children should receive measles vaccination via one dose of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) between twelve to fifteen months of age, and another dose prior to entering school, between four to six years of age.

The Grayson County Health Department says there are no confirmed cases in Grayson County as of Wednesday. The Pacific Northwest outbreak includes one confirmed case in King County, where Seattle is located, and four in Multnomah County, which includes Portland, Oregon.

Two other potential cases are pending testing.

Multnomah County's communicable disease team checks in daily with people suspected of being exposed to measles to make sure they can work and do other normal life responsibilities without infecting other people. That includes attending church by video feed and working with employers.

The best way to prevent measles infection is with 2 doses of the MMR vaccine. It is important that you do not visit your GP without first letting him or her know that you or your child may have measles.

Measles is a highly contagious virus spread through direct contact or through the air.

The Vancouver Clinic, which operates medical offices and urgent-care centers in the area, reported that shots administered jumped from 263 in January 2018 to 1,444 last month, a almost 450 percent increase.

The department did not release any information about the person who contracted measles, citing patient confidentiality. The vaccine can reduce the risk of infection if gotten within 72 hours after exposure to the virus.

Rita Espinoza, the chief epidemiologist at Metro Health, said health care providers, emergency rooms and school districts are among those that need to remain vigilant, even though Bexar County has not seen a case of measles since 2007. Three times as many people have gotten vaccinated in January - from 200 per day in 2018 to 600 per day in 2019.