OJ Simpson Banned From Las Vegas Hotel Bar After Release On Parole

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OJ Simpson was kicked out of a Las Vegas hotel after a drunken bar-room scuffle, it was claimed. Details on what exactly occurred at the hotel while Simpson was present were scarce, but Simpson's attorney Malcolm Laverne issued a statement confirming that the former athlete was banned.

Simpson was released from a Nevada prison weeks ago, after serving nine years on charges that included kidnapping and armed robbery that came after an attempt in 2007 to take sports memorabilia from collectors at a different Las Vegas hotel-casino. Around midnight he was heard exchanging angry words with the hotel staff, and he then began breaking glasses, according to celebrity website TMZ. "We're told Simpson was nice to responding security guards". When security showed up, the ex-NFL star calmed down and became cooperative, the New York Post reports. The outlet notes that he's been permanently banned from the Cosmopolitan.

A police dispatcher, referring to Simpson by his full first name said "Orenthal is here" in an audio recording obtained by U.S. website TMZ, which reported he had become "drunk and disruptive".

But there are conflicting reports about whether Simpson, 70, was drunk at the time, which would be a parole violation. He served almost nine years (of his 33-year prison sentence) for leading a group of men in 2007 to a Las Vegas hotel room, where sports memorabilia was stolen at gunpoint.

The trial, which garnered enormous publicity, resulted in acquittal for the former National Football League star despite some fairly compelling evidence.

Ron Goldman's family sued Simpson in civil court for wrongful death and won a $33,500,000 settlement, most of which they have been unable to collect.