Officer uses auto to push burning truck out of drive-through


Several cars were waiting in line to use a Jack in the Box drive-thru in Texas on February 11 when the engine of a truck caught fire.

The pickup could be seen on fire in the drive-thru lane of the Jack in the Box at 1703 S. Beckley police pulled up.

Other vehicles also were in the lane, blocking access, so Womack drove his auto over a grass median, pulled up behind the pickup and pushed it forward until it was in the parking lot away from the building.

Upon arrival, the officer discovered a Ford truck "engulfed in flames", according to a police video of the incident.

Thanks to his quick thinking, major damage to the building was prevented. "Well, that's because the windows were down and I didn't have the train of thought to roll the windows up during it", Officer Womack explained.

No injuries were reported and the Glenn Heights Police Department says Officer Womack is sure to be rewarded for his life-saving actions. "It was just a God-send that I was here at that particular time".