Officer: Slender Man stabbing victim says defendant obsessed

Girl 12 stabbed in 'Slender Man' attack by two schoolgirls

This verdict means Weier will go to a mental hospital instead of prison. They lured Leutner into the woods where Weier urged Geyer to stab Leutner, Geyer mercilessly and repeatedly stabbed Leutner, she stabbed her total nineteen times, according to the investigation. "It's hard to say when you are talking about the commitment of a very young child that you are happy but of the options that were there, this is the best and the right one", Weiser's attorney Maura McMahon told reporters following the verdict.

Leutner became so concerned about the stories Geyser was telling her that she asked her mother if they were real, Waukesha Police Detective Shelly Fisher said.

The decision was made after almost a dozen hours of debate between members of the jury.

Although Weier did not physically stab Leutner, in her mind she knew it had to be done, Smith told jurors.

Jurors determined Anissa Weier was mentally ill during the stabbing in 2014.

Both Weier and Geyser told detectives they felt they had to kill Leutner, the AP reported, in an effort to become Slenderman's servants - which they believed would protect their families from the demon's wrath.

A defense psychologist Thursday testified that Weier suffered from a shared delusional disorder.

Geyser has pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease to being a party to first-degree attempted intentional homicide.

Anissa Weier was 12 when she was arrested for the crime in 2014. He could sentence her more seriously than the supplication understanding calls for, including up to a 25-year responsibility, the same as the most extreme jail time she could have gotten.

Jurors will determine whether Weier was mentally ill and therefore not criminally responsible at the time.

In spite of the fact that that first decision wasn't perused in court, safeguard lawyer McMahon said 10 of 12 hearers - the base required by law - voted Weier was rationally sick.

Weier, now 15, pleaded guilty in August to being a party to attempted second-degree intentional homicide.

The two girls allegedly tried to killed Payton Leutner on Memorial Day, 2014, apparently in order to to please the internet horror character Slender Man.

But she said she was not responsible for her actions on grounds of insanity.

A shared delusion and an interest in the paranormal led two girls to stab another 12-year-old girl in a Wisconsin park as a tribute to the fictional horror character Slender Man, a psychologist testified Wednesday.